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Ask James






There are endless possibilities in photography. I  am  inspired  by  beauty and photographs from fellow artists. I  have worked  in  a  camera  shop  for  16 years. Enjoy  taking   photos  of sceneries and  people. When  I  see magazines like  National  Geographic, I  say   “look  at  these  pictures!”, its hard to  duplicate these  images.  However, there is much beauty in each of our own backyards but we sometimes fail to see it .You do not always  need  to  travel, just  develop the proper  eye and  photography technique.

The photographs in my gallery are sceneries around Nova Scotia, Canada. I live in the  town of North Sydney, Cape Breton Island. Please feel free to visit my gallery, I will be adding up to it as often as I can. Thank you for visiting and hoping to see you again soon!  



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