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Do you need advise or tips on photography? In this portion, I share my experiences and knowledge on photography. Send your inquiries here and check back for your answers.

Q: I find nature shots rather tricky to take. Do you have some advise on how best to shoot?

A: Capturing nature is like painting on film. For my favorite picture the Baddeck Falls ,I  had  to  use a  tripod  as  my shutter  speed  had  to  be  set  low . In  order  to  get  lots  in  focus  you  must  use a  small  aperature (lens opening) F16 .Using  F16  will give  you  a slow  shutter  speed  plus using the tripod will keep  the camera  still  to  avoid  having  a  blurred pic  due to camera  shake .  You  can also  use a  fill  flash  to  light  shadows . Give  it  a little  extra  light.







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